Friday, August 20, 2010


I guess I know how you feel now. The closer you are to me, the stronger my feelings become for you, the more it hurts. But I just can't seem to pull myself away from you. You already have her. You don't need me. And of course, you don't care anymore. You wouldn't care of what I have to say nor what I feel. I hope you'll be happy, unlike me.


So many to be told .

soo , let me tell you a little bitt about me selama aku tinggalkan blog nihh :')

Nothing much Happen . 

Sister : Izzaty Shaifullizan 

Brothers : Danish Hafiz , Aiman Badruddin , Muhamad Azfar .

Dear ones : Zarith Nur Izany♥ , Nisa Nazifa♥ , Sabrina Syazwani♥ , Siti Nabihah♥ , Nur Izzah Athirah♥
Syahidatul Amira♥ 

heee . 

Soo , nothing changes . Except , welcome back Danish Hafiz , 
welcome back to the old you :)


Hi hi .
Hello againnnn blog 

Rindu gilaa dengan bloggg 
-___-' pfft , hari hari aku boleh bukak , skrang baruu nak ingat , bhahaha.

well welll , sudah lama kan kan , aku tinggalkan blog kesayangan♥ aku nii .

awww :')

So welcome back , Hanis♥