Monday, April 12, 2010


kak eera 
kak eera
kak eera

Okay , aku bukan nak puji , tapi ini suatu faktaa okayy ?

wahaii bloggers skalian , pergi laa kat blogg nehh :

kak eeraa :D


About three things I was absolutely positive.

First , Edward was a vampire.

Second , there was a part of him     
and i didn't know how potent that part might be     
that thirsted for my blood.

And third , I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.


That is my fav sentence on TWILIGHT ;]


12 / 4 / 2010

I will never forget this day .
It was monday
1:45 pm , 

and i am waiting for my turn ,

the first one to go in the room was HAFAWATI .
I and amira aina waited about 20 minutes , 
after about 20 minutes , Hafawati showed up .
I saw a little sadness in her eyes . 
and a little of grudges .

after that , 
it was amira aina's turn .
I was very nervous .
about 2 min , 
amira aina came back out , 
she was infront of the door about 30 seconds.
she said it was the interviewer order.

along about 25 min , i waited
I was indeed going to pass out .
I dont want to go in that room .
It was full of sadness , grudges , angry and mostly evil .

and then , amira aina came out .
I was shocked .
Danish said to me " hanis , come inside "
that was the word that i will never forget .
the word that i hated so much . 

I was there for about 20 minutes.
the worst 20 minutes of my life .
I was asked a few questions .
They seem dont care about me at all .
I just look into their eyes . 
But they will never  reply .
Not a single smile they have replied to me .

It was a very non-fun thing to do .
If I didn't get to be a prefect , 
I just have a sentence to give you , 
" that was the hopeless , evil , wasted , stupid 20 minute , i ever had . "

After that  , i went to my class.
everyone staring at me .
I go to the front and ask teacher Karhayati if i was permited to go pray ,
she said " yes "

On the way to the surau , 
I saw aisyah adriana .
She was crying .
I just walk pass away her .
I didn't even smile  .
I just look down .

About 2 min,
I saw arissa.
She was crying too .
But , more harder .

It is too bad for her , 
But a good luck to me , 

because , even if i said it was a 20 minute the evilest time of my life ,
I even didn't cry .
Not a single drop of tear in my eye .

I felt so sorry for all who cried.

After that , its time for duty .
It was 5:35 pm , 

when i went down the stairs , 
I just looked down .
trying to make a fake smile .
I just don't want them to see my grumpy face .
It is because I had some problems with my friends after the interview .

I looked to the pre-prefects .
There was no Athishwaran and Aisyah Adriana .
I felt strange.
They are the one that i was always been talking , gossiping too , and even laugh togethor .
I ask a few of my friends , 
they said , 

"Athiswaran and Aisyah pull out theirselves "

I try to figured that out .
I talked to Athish and Aisyah ,
begging them to not go away .

It is just wasted . 
They already make up their mind .
I was so sad , 
The day just get worst and worst .

It was 5 :50 
I saw zubair went down to the stairs .
He was crying .
I see a little bit of pain , sad , hurted , in his eyes .

I felt so pitty for him .
Zubair , you are the strongest boy I ever know , so get strong , okay ?

I just wish that we dont have to do this .
I want my friends baack .
With me .
With us .

Hopefully , there will be no challange toward us .
I just love you guys . 

Love , Hanis .