Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A DAY is a blast , A DAY is a HELL .

All of you must be asking what do I mean by saying A day is a blast and a hell .

Well , it happens on thins day . Both of that happens to me on this day .

I am writing this , after I have done crying .
I am not really CRYING , Just a little tears from my eyes .

Therefore , we go to JUSCO this noon .

WE means me , my brother , HAFIZ and Hariz .

Thats 3 OF US .

We have such a blast .

We got out to see A Movie called VALENTINE day .
IT is a BLAST .

But , in the night , we go to our grandmothers house .,


Everything went like it supposed to be , BUT ,

when we in the way to go HOME ,

I was like , in this car , on  the seat . HAVE a JEANS that  belongs to my FATHER .

I was like , " WHERE IM GONNA PUT THIS " and then ,

ACCIDENTY , the jeans falled into a mirror  that is under the seat .

Then my father , got really ANGRY , take the JEANS from me ,

after like 2 or 5 min,

STILL on the way ,

My father ask my little brother HARIZ to spell the word "MAKAN"

and I was like whispering joking saying : " T I "
and then my brother spelled "MATI"

my father said " THAT is a USELESS sister "

Then I say to my FATHER " what do you mean by USELESS? "

and then , it hurts my feelings .

-,- I just need somewhere to tell people .

AND IT brings me right here ,


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