Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lamaa tak updatee blogg :)

It iss so long since the last day I updated this blogg .
Okayy , Now , Ihave posted a bulletinn called friends . ( MYSPACE )

Somme of you are thinking what it is ?
For who ?

I have my own reason for that .
You can ask me the question , face to face .

Then  , I m  letting you know by this .

I'm sure if I use english word ,
She just cant fight back withh me .
Her english iss quite badd -____- lmao .

This is whyy I wouldnt tell you that bulletin is dedicated to whoo .
Cause , I dont want to start a fightt , okayy .

Thanks for  my foloowersss :)

I want to follow you back , except , I dont know where are your urll iss :) TELL ME <3

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